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Metalpro Tool Line

Precise | Effective | Affordable

MetalPro Corporation creates the best ironworkers and tube & pipe benders in its class. Built with our customers in mind, our machines rival even our top-of-the-line competitors in power, precision, and lifespan — at half the price.

Since 1994, we have been committed to providing our customers with the best machines, best solutions, and best service in the industry. With precision, effectiveness, and affordability in mind, we've created solutions for shops and businesses all over the US.

You don't need a big budget for big capibilities.



The punching, shearing, notching, bending, all-in-one machine

Metalpro ironworkers are the best in their class.

Operating on just a 110V plug, all MetalPro ironworkers take less power to operate and are just as strong, precise, and consistent as the competitors. Their small footprint and strong construction make them an incredibly versatile machine for any shop.

Don't spend thousands more to get the same amount of power and accuracy.

Ironworker Models

MP4000FS, MP5000FS, MP4500FS

Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Benders

Machines above the curve and under your budget.

MetalPro tube and pipe benders offer superior quality with an easy price tag.

Without compromising on ability, our line of tube an dpipe benders will do anything our competitors can do-but without breaking the bank. Our benders are built with our customers in mind, a no-frills solution to pipe and tube bending.

With a wide capacity range and tooling options, our line of benders will take what you throw at them.

Benders (1).png

Bender Models

MP9000, MP9500


Ironworking Accessories

MP4000FS, MP4500FS, MP5000FS


METALpro Machines are only limited by your imagination

Hundreds of conventional pieces of tooling - from notchers to clamp dies - giving you the freedom to punch, notch, bend, shear, and brake everything you need.

Build with the highest quality materials, our USA made tooling options are built to last! Whether you're a high-production shop or home hobbyist, METALpro tooling will get the job done.


Bender Accessories


Bender Accessories


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