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Irwin 2014102 Drywall/Jab Saw Mintcraft 311003L Drywall Utility Saws Marshalltown US920 Drywall Utility Saw
Irwin 2014102 Drywall/Jab Saw, 6-1/2 in L 1.2 mm T, 7 PPI, Bi-Ground
List Price: $8.69
Our Price: $6.07
Savings: $2.62
MintCraft 311003L Drywall Utility Saw With Handle, 6 in L
List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $6.36
Savings: $1.63
Marshalltown US920 Drywall Utility Saw, 6 in L Steel Blade, 8 TPI
List Price: $6.99
Our Price: $6.86
Savings: $0.13
Rigid (1.2mm) blade. Bi-Ground teeth. Hardwood handle. Blade Thickness 1.2mm. For cutting drywall, wood and plywood. Hardened, fixed teeth. Contoured hardwood handle with steel ferrule. Rugged steel blade; sharp point can penetrate wallboard without drilling; cuts wallboard, masonite, plywood and wood; contoured hardwood handle with steel ferrule.
Stanley 15-206 Jab Saw SAW DRYWALL PRO JAB 6IN       Marshalltown 22 Utility Drywall Saw With Steel Ferrule
Stanley 15-206 Drywall/Wallboard Saw, 6 in L, 8 TPI
List Price: $7.59
Our Price: $7.43
Savings: $0.16
Hyde Tools 09016 Heavy Duty Jab Saw, 6 in L x 1 in W, Jab Teeth
List Price: $8.99
Our Price: $7.82
Savings: $1.17
Designed especially for plasterboard. Make cut-outs for electric outlets, etc. Self-starting point-sharpened for plunge cuts. Blade epoxy-bonded and ferruled to stained wood handle for a longer hold. Cuts drywall cement backing board, pvc and wood; sharp tip plunge cuts without drilling; hardened, tempered blade stays sharp longer; blade cuts in both directions (pushing and pulling). Heavy gauge blade; contoured hardwood handle with ferrule securely attached. Cuts wallboard, masonite, plywood and wood. Has sharp point to penetrate wallboard easily without drilling.
ProTouch 2014100 Drywall/Jab Saw Mintcraft 311013L  Drywall Utility Saws FatMax 20-556 Jab Saw
MintCraft 311013L Drywall Utility Saw, 6 in L
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $11.69
Savings: $3.30
FatMax 20-556 Drywall/Jab Saw, 6-1/4 in L, 8 TPI
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $11.80
Savings: $3.19
Thick-Body (1.5mm) blade. Aggressive 'Tri-Ground' teeth. Ergonomic 'ProTouch' handle. For cutting drywall, wood and plywood. Dura-Grip handle with hammer head; hardened, fixed teeth. Sharp tooth technology for faster cuts. Hardened and tempered blade for durability and long life, cuts on both the push and the pull stroke. Blade can cut through cement board, drywall, wood and plastic. Sharpened to easily punches through drywall. Ergonomic non-slip grip maximizes comfort and use. Composite handle design for strength and durability.
Stanley 15-556 Wallboard Saw DeWalt DWHT20540 Jab Saw Vaughan & Bushnell PR6 Hand Saw
Stanley 15-556 Wallboard Saw, 6 in L, 9 PPI
List Price: $11.99
Our Price: $12.00
DeWalt DWHT20540 Jab Saw, 14 in L, 8 PPI, Aggressive
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $12.40
Savings: $3.59
Vaughan & Bushnell PR6 Hand Saw, 8 PPI, Aggressive Tri-Ground
List Price: $21.99
Our Price: $16.30
Savings: $5.69
Ergonomically designed curved handle is cushioned for comfort. Fully hardened, tempered blade is designed for long cutting life. Teeth are engineered to cut fast and prevent clogging. Sharp tip makes plunge cuts easy. Blade is epoxy bonded to handle for a secure fit and durability. This product has an aggressive tooth design that cuts up to 50% faster than traditional tooth designs. The induction-hardened teeth stay sharp for a long life; multiple material usages for use on drywall, plastic and other building materials. Hardened, high quality carbon steel blade has patented double ground, self-starting point for plunge cuts. The aggressive tooth design provides fast, east cutting. Contoured handle gives comfortable grip, while the thumb rest provides greater leverage. Wrist strap included.